About You

Anxiety doesn’t care who it picks on and it doesn’t select anyone in particular to infiltrate it’s strategy on, it only affects people who, unfortunately, “buy into” the controversial fears that it presents to them, in the hope that you will believe them, dwell on them and worry about their content.

Everybody I work with has their own specific problem, issue or difficult situation that they need my assistance and support in overcoming.

My way of working is always the same….which is to stop people being pushed around by anxiety, firstly by taking the mystery out of what it is and why they have it, secondly I give you an understanding of how it operates and infiltrates as a strategy of the mind and thirdly, I give people the strategy to use on anxiety to combat its nonsense, diminishing it away so it becomes unnoticeable.

This very often involves changing your way of thinking towards certain situations, thoughts and fears, allowing you to feel differently about what worries you.

However, In order to generate these high levels of results and success, I operate with complete transparency and 100% honesty…in other words, I don’t beat around the bush, as its this no nonsense approach that gets “You” the very best results in the quickest and shortest possible time. There’s a good chance I will be the only person in your life that has the courage to be brutally honest with you.

I will be a huge part of your life, throughout the entire time we work together, which means access to me 24 hours a day…7 days a week, that’s the commitment I give, but you must also be 100% committed to the process. The more you buy into and execute the strategies, the faster the results will come and it will be life changing!


    Duncan Spedding Life Changing Anxiety Specialist