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“Own” Anxiety!!…….

Don’t let it “Own” you!!!

As a Professional Anxiety Specialist, I provide immediate help, support and most importantly “solutions” on how to deal with and overcome Anxiety, in the shape of intense worry or fear. 

In simple terms….I enable people to take complete ownership of their Anxiety, meaning it can no longer rule their life and push them around any more.

Anxiety is a strategy of the mind, that very often navigates and manifests its way into our lives, by picking on the opposite of truth, presenting us with controversial fears, worries and threats that will actually never occur, but appear believable!

Through my straight talking 1-1 sessions, I have helped thousands of people “Escape the Imprisonment” of Anxiety by applying a specific, combative strategy to the way they feel about their thoughts and feelings, enabling them to own their thoughts and not have their thoughts owned by Anxiety!

With life running along at such a fast pace, with family and friends so busy and preoccupied in their own rituals and routines, finding someone to talk to about your worries and fears, to then encourage them to listen and help you discover the answers, can prove extremely difficult to come across. My job as an Anxiety Specialist is to listen, take the mystery out of why you feel the way you do and then give you the tools to disarm, diminish and defeat Anxiety, so it becomes unnoticeable.

As a former Premiership and Professional Footballer, who has endured both the highest levels of fortunes, failures and fears, I know what it takes to get through and overcome extremely challenging emotions, situations and circumstances, so now spend my time helping people achieve exactly the same in their own lives.

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