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“Own” Anxiety!!…….

Don’t let it “Own” you!!!

As a Professional Anxiety Specialist and CBT Specialist, I provide immediate help, support and most importantly “solutions” on how to deal with and overcome Anxiety, in the shape of intense worry or fear.

In simple terms…….I provide the behavioural toolbox and strategies required, to take complete ownership of your Anxiety, meaning it can no longer rule your life, debilitate you or push you around anymore.

Anxiety is a very clever strategy of the mind, that for the most part, is extremely useful when it makes an appearance in our lives, as it helps us, protects us and keeps us safe.
Without it…….we wouldn’t cross over the road safely!!

However, when thoughts and fears become exaggerated, rational anxiety (the useful kind) can very quickly cross over the threshold, to irrational anxiety and when irrational anxiety rears its ugly head, it navigates and manifests its way into our lives, by presenting us with catastrophic scenarios and situations via a collection of irrational thoughts, that will never normally occur, but appear believable when they come into our heads and these thoughts subsequently generate worry and fear.

Many hundreds of people I treat every year, fall victim to Anxiety’s favourite game to play, which is the “What if” game, in which a person will very often encounter a series of sticky, tricky & troublesome thoughts (or threats of consequence as I like to call them) and these thoughts will usually start with “What if” or a version of that pull. 

These thoughts (which are never nice or pleasant in their design) are controversial, scary and frightening, mixed with catastrophe, disaster and consequence and they are designed by the mind to generate worry or fear and if this occurs………the mind will continue to play its little fear game, using these “What if” thoughts, as a way of getting what it wants. 

If Anxiety is allowed to rule you, bully you and be the “Boss” of you, then it will continue to operate in that way and the end result of this puts people in a constant cycle of worry, with often uncomfortable physical symptoms in their chest or tummy, which in turn can create a massive interference in that persons life and can stop them from functioning normally, destroy their mood and wellbeing and interfere with both eating and sleeping.

My job as a Professional Anxiety Specialist is to put you back in charge of what you think and how you feel, by providing you with the skills, knowledge and expertise required to diminish, belittle and disarm your anxiety, so it all disappears and become unnoticeable.

Once you “Own” your Anxiety by being the “Boss” of what you think and how you feel, then Anxiety cant “Own” you anymore, so therefore, it doesn’t bother trying.

As a former Premiership and Professional Footballer, I have experienced and endured both the highest levels of fortune, failures and fear, but more significantly, I have experienced crippling performance related anxiety as a player and later, post retiring from the game, suffered with irrational, obsessive and intrusive thoughts, so nobody knows better than me what its like to be at the receiving end of Anxiety’s brutal and tyrannous game.

I firmly believe that after suffering with anxiety for so long and then overcoming it, enables me to truly specialise in this field and because I’m the Boss of it now, it can’t be Boss of me any more and I now treat thousands of people all over the world, every year, to give them their freedom back from it once and for all.

If any of the above resonates with you or someone you love and care about……Please contact me using the form below and I look forward to putting you back in control of your life!

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    Duncan Spedding