Anxiety is the feeling of worry. Without the feeling of worry or fear, we wouldn’t cross the road safely. However, when certain worries or fears become exaggerated, they can begin to have a huge interference in our lives by holding us back, making us feel frozen in time or worse still, they can make us feel completely imprisoned.

Some people have had anxiety all their lives and have never been able to overcome it, others have developed anxiety over a period of time due to a bad experience or traumatic event in their life, whereas for some, anxiety has come out of nowhere, taken a hold of them and they need my help in moving it on.

Anxiety is a strategy of the mind, that very often navigates its way into our lives by picking on the opposite of truth, presenting us with controversial fears and threats that will actually never occur, but appear believable!

Most people who suffer with anxiety, feel that at times it can become completely overwhelming, meaning they simply cannot focus on the constructive and important things in their life that matter, allowing anxiety to rob their concentration, making the possibility of focusing on anything normal…… impossible.

Anxiety has many different faces and can manifest itself in many peculiar ways, but one of the most common is by way of irrational or obsessive thinking, which then creates irrational anxiety or fear, causing people to feel scared or afraid, as they don’t know how or why they are thinking these particular thoughts.

Anxiety usually starts with the thought process of “What if” or a version of it, so I teach people a combative strategy which enables them to completely disarm and defeat anxiety, meaning it has to retreat and leaves it with nowhere left to go and out of economy of the mind, the anxiety then stops coming.

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