``He showed me the path to ‘grip’ and 'deal' with this problem and it worked; I now have my mind back.......Thanks Dunc

I found Duncan’s website after searching for a really positive solution to an acute period of anxiety that had taken over my life. I have always known that I had a tendency to be anxious when stressed but this time I was really struggling to shake it and I wanted to find a way of tackling it long term. Duncan contacted me very soon after I made the enquiry and I immediately knew that he was going to help me get back to who I used to be. After the first session I was ready to tackle my main fears at work and the constant negative, destructive and irrational thoughts. Duncan was straight talking, highly motivating but most importantly he knew exactly what I was going through. His insight into anxiety is what really helped me; along with a hugely positive method of dealing with the problem. Due to his knowledge, his incredible positivity, reassurance and contact between sessions to keep you on track, I am now back on the road to where I want to be. My anxiety went from a 8/10 to a 2-3 in two weeks and things continue to get better. Optimism has returned, I can now concentrate again on tasks, conversations and goals. I am back to being me. I cannot recommend Duncan enough to anyone struggling to keep on top of anxiety. He showed me the path to ‘grip’ and deal with this problem and it worked; I now have my mind back. Thanks Duncan. Alistair - Metropolitan Police Officer

“I only wish I’d seen him years ago”....

What can I say other than Duncan has changed my life! I have been gripped by anxiety, sleep issues and negative thought patterns for a few years and finally reached out for help, after it started affecting me at work. Interestingly, Duncan was the third person I’d contacted having tried other therapies before to combat my anxiety with very little affect and I was starting to feel desperate. Duncan contacted me literally 45 mins after reaching out through his contact form on his website and followed this up with a phone call 30 mins later and I knew the minute we spoke, I’d finally found someone who actually understood how I felt! Duncan is understanding but straight talking and quickly drives his strategy in to you so that you go away with a coping mechanism after your very first visit! I found this tremendously comforting and affective and saw an improvement in my sleep almost straight away. Duncan is there for you 100% in between sessions if you need support and actively checks in with you to see how you are, making you feel incredibly supported. I can’t recommend Dunc enough, he is someone I think will carry on influencing my life and I only wish I’d seen him many years ago and taken back control of my thoughts and feelings. If you are desperate and fed up of not being in control of your thoughts get in touch with Duncan and take the first step towards getting your life back on track. You won’t regret it! John - Pilot, Warwickshire

“He has an amazing way of articulating “the why”, but more importantly the steps and process to defeat these anxious thoughts”

After suffering with anxiety since the age of 8 years old, its only recently that I have been able to confront and understand the effect it’s had and continues to have on my life. I have always been a bit of a worrier, so have never really been able to articulate the difference between anxiety and what had become the normal. I have suffered with all sorts of anxiety over the years, but more recently, health anxiety driven by “what if thoughts”. I spoke with my wife at length, before starting what felt like the daunting first steps of receiving support. I came across Duncan’s site and within minutes of reading his story I felt like I’d found the right specialist. His passion to help others backed by the amazing case studies I could read gave me great comfort. After 2-3 sessions with Duncan, I can genuinely say I have never felt better, he has an amazing way of articulating “the why” but more importantly the steps and process to defeat these anxious thoughts. I find myself acting out the process in my head and visualising Duncan’s master class ingrained into my brain. I promise this will make more sense after you go and see him. I have an amazing young family and a great career and I really feel like I am fully back in control, I just wished I’d seen him sooner. Lee - Enterprise Sales - Northampton

“He helped me to realise that I was in control.......’Not’ the Anxiety, Self Doubt or Negative Thoughts”

I contacted Duncan after I started experiencing some anxiety. I was juggling homeschooling, my two primary school aged kids and working full time in a fast paced executive level role for a large company that was facing the acute challenges that Covid-19 had brought along with it. I had also undergone a recent promotion at work, which meant increased responsibilities, accountabilities and adapting to new ways of working. In a challenging business environment and after really struggling for a while, I seemed to get myself stuck in a viscous cycle of unwelcome anxious thoughts, that I just couldn’t shake and that were becoming more and more intense everyday. From the first session I had with him, Duncan’s positive, empathetic, yet no-nonsense approach really resonated with me. I felt like he was listening and understood what I was going through, but he was certainly ‘not in the business’ of dwelling on the past or the reasons that had led me to where I was and instead, honed our conversations on what I needed to do to address this issue, manage it and move forward by using what he taught me. Everything he said made complete sense and helped me to gain the much needed perspective to see that I was in control ... ‘not the anxiety’, ‘self doubt’ or ‘negative thoughts’. In just a few sessions, I finally felt like I had the skills that I had been grappling to find for so long and the difference it made was almost instant. My self-confidence, drive and enthusiasm have come on leaps and bounds since our sessions and whilst I do still need to practise the strategy he taught me and have moments where the doubt and negativity try and creep back in, the difference is that I now know how to tackle those thoughts head on. Thank you Duncan.....You are an absolute legend and I am so very grateful to you for helping me get out of that black hole. Sophie - Commercial Director - Aylesbury

“He drilled his strategy into me over and over and the difference after the first week was unreal”

I struggled with intense anxiety for over a year after being diagnosed with a heart condition which meant I had to give up competitive sport as well as losing a friend who dropped dead suddenly playing football. My anxiety started as health related and then intensified to the extent where it was effecting my work and social life. I went into unbearable states of panic, some lasting days.. I was convinced there was something seriously wrong with me.... until I met Duncan. He has a great ability to explain and unravell anxiety in a way I didn't think was possible.. over a few sessions he drilled his strategy into me over and over - the difference after the first week was unreal and I am now the boss of 'it' Get in touch - you won't regret it! Stu - Automotive Specialist, Rugby

“Who knows where I’d be if we hadn’t had met - I couldn’t recommend him highly enough”

I first met Duncan in June 2019! I’d been having a difficult time with sleep issues for over a year, I’d look forward to the weekends when I could have a few beers, which would help me get off to sleep and in the week I’d use Zopiclone - 2 substances which I would of much preferred to be out of my life and normal service to resume - without sounding too dramatic I really didn’t see a way out of it all I found Duncan on the net, sent an enquiry in and he rang me within 30 minutes. Within seconds, he’d said so many things that hit home with me, so within 24 hours, I went to see him The session was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, having sat and spoken with numerous consultants in the past, nothing had prepared me for Duncan’s style. As he spoke, it became pretty clear to me that I’d found someone that had not only shared the problem, but also appreciated how horrible it is, but the more he talked, the more it became apparent that it wasn’t just sleep he could help me with. Ive suffered with anxiety in numerous forms since I was a teenager (I’m 47 now) different subjects/topics would come and go, but the strain and fear they would put me under would always be the same. To have someone point all this out to me through his own challenges with a clear strategy going forward was fantastic I’ve not took a Zopiclone since, my alcohol intake has dropped and at long last I have a formula and a contact to help me through these times In nearly a year I’ve had multiple sessions with Duncan and discussed all sorts of issues ....work, family, health, everyone his strategy has worked and he’s coached me through them Always available, always positive, always understanding, never judging, always knocks me in to shape Who knows where I’d be if we hadn’t had met - I couldn’t recommend him highly enough - Jacob, Packaging CEO - St Ives

“You have to practice what he tells you and use the approach and skills he teaches you”

A friend recommended I see Duncan following a diagnosis of breast cancer and the consequential changes in mental health that I experienced. Duncan's skills are amazing, the energy he uses to help you is incredible and his compassion is never ending. (If I am having a moment even now, nearly 3 months after seeing him he responds to me within minutes!) I had seen a number of professionals to try and help with my anxiety and, loss of ``me``(confidence, loss of self esteem, chronic pain and at times low mood), no one had approached it in the way that Duncan did and certainly did not have such a significant impact within only two sessions! The thing with Duncan is that he genuinely cares and wants to help you. He wants to help you improve and feel better as soon as is possible. His tactics are not long and drawn out. Results are very quick to see. I am not saying it is all easy, you have to listen, practise what he tells you using the approach and skills he teaches you and you have to try and summon some strength. I felt so much better in myself after one session. I was immediately better equipped to deal with overwhelming anxiety when it reared it's ugly head and was able to take charge of it so much more. By the second session, I had loads more confidence and a huge increase in self esteem and capability and again I further developed the skills that Duncan taught me. I use them often, I can hear Duncan guiding me in how to deal with things. He is so humanistic. He welcomed me, helped me an amazing amount to become once more a confident, capable, presentable person, who can manage anxiety/low mood when necessary (but not now required often thanks to Duncan) well due to Duncan's strategies. I absolutely highly recommend Duncan. Written by an almost 50 year old professional who has now beaten breast cancer. Lindsey, Nurse - Market Harborough

“A great man, a great professional......who saved my life”

I reached out to Duncan after experiencing the worst few weeks of my life. Suffering from intrusive thoughts, not knowing what they were and being very afraid and completely lost....... I really didn’t know what to do. After an initial call with Duncan...I realised that this was the man for the job and I am so glad I found him. From being suicidal and frightened that my life was ruined, to now having him standing behind me every step of the way, I now see a light at the end of the tunnel and this guy will always be in my life forever. A great man. A great professional. And now a great friend. Thanks Duncan. You saved my life. - Luke - Barrister, Nuneaton

“God has blessed me with the presence of Duncan in my life...and my daughters too”

“One session…and only one, is how long it takes to regain your confidence!” For years I have been suffering from sleep anxiety, sleepless nights and all the frustration deriving from those. This carried on until the last December when I decided that I needed help! Needless to say that I had tried various medication and tablets, visited sleep clinics and talked to professionals. It sounded like the same old story to them. I then started searching on websites and Duncan’s name appeared. After having read a few testimonials, I decided to get in contact with him and an appointment was booked straight away. At this point, I was quite sceptical as nothing had ever worked so I kept saying to myself: “Why should it work now?”. Encouraged by my husband, also affected by my frustrating sleep deprivation, I went to see Duncan two months ago. I now sleep well, I look forward to going to sleep at night and I do not feel anxious about it. Go, go, go to visit Duncan! I am very religious and I believe that God has blessed me with the presence of Duncan in my life and my daughter’s too. She is 16 and has visited Duncan for her long lasting issue with panick attacks. A great help has Duncan been to her too. She can now enjoy being out and relax when away from home or at school. She has not had one episode since last month, the time when I took her to see Duncan. I would like to thank this man for all his support and care for his clients. Those strategies will change your life! - Allessandra, English Teacher - Cranfield MK

“There is no time wasting and he is direct to the core of the problem”

I was broke, invested a huge amount of money in a new business, couldn’t pay my mortgage and had no job for over 10 months and I was struggling in my long distance relationship. It was all going wrong!! All these challenges put me in a very dark and gloomy place, loss of motivation and low self esteem. Despite that I had resolved and steadied my financial situation by getting a job, but I had accumulated a huge debt and my relationship was severely damaged due to my thoughts and insecurities. This is where Duncan played a pivotal role in helping me. I NOW FEEL ALIVE AND CONFIDENT, even throughout our current tough times in COVID19. He has been instrumental and for sure the key to my success in finding myself to be highly motivated and not to OVERTHINK. How to deal with these thoughts. His techniques are second to none and most importantly they WORK!!!!. There is no time wasting and he is direct to the core of the problem and it resolved just as quick. It really is like a miracle. With his guidance to apply the right technique, I now have a fruitful relationship where I feel confident and happy. My business is getting my attention and my focus is on the job to hand. This I have to say.....is thanks to Duncan. Duncan, Thank you for all your support , passion and high energy to see me through this. Just amazing!! Arjun - Business Analyst, Pitsford

“Once he explained how fear worked, he gave me the practical process to eradicate it”

I found Duncan’s website after looking for specific support for insomnia. I had taken sleeping tablets which made matters worse once I’d stopped taking them. I was looking for a quick solution that made logical sense to me. Duncan immediately put me at ease reassuring me that he could help and that my insomnia was born out of a fear of not sleeping. Once he explained how fear worked he gave me a very practical process to follow to eradicate my fear. I left with a new determination (and a little trepidation) to make this process work. Whilst I didn’t find it easy I can honestly say that not only did I sleep that very night I realised that I’d been suffering with insomnia for 10 years. Since my time with Duncan not only has my fear of not sleeping gone but I am having better quality sleep than I have done in years. Thank you for all of your help. Becca - PA, Rugby

“What we didn’t realise that after just one session...Duncan would change his world completely”.......

We had seen our bright and talented teenage son completely held back by his own anxieties for too long and we knew we needed some help. We were very doubtful and sceptical about using a counsellor, but when we came across Duncan we felt he would be a great person for him to talk to, so we thought we’d give him a try... what we didn’t realise is that after just one session Duncan managed to change his world completely! He left feeling like he had a ‘secret superpower’ that no one else had. He had the power to handle the anxieties that were limiting his life so much. After just a few weeks, he was was able to take a big step forward towards his dreams and is now going from strength to strength. We would never have thought this possible a month earlier! Of course, the same anxious thoughts still come to him from time to time, but he now knows how to handle them and is back in control. I am so grateful that we found Duncan, who has continued to support our son, even after the session with follow up calls and texts, which have really helped. I only wish we’d found him earlier! I would definitely recommend Duncan to anyone suffering from anxiety. Don’t waste time, just book a session, get back in control and live your life to the full! - Chelsea, Estate Agent - Olney

“When I spoke with him, it was like he was reading my mind”........

I’d been struggling with sleep problems for a long time and it came to a head when I got a really bad bout of insomnia which lead to being off work for a few months. I did the usual route - doctors, medication, counselling but nothing seemed to be getting to the route of the problem and none of the other professionals that I spoke to could believe it was just to do with sleep, they kept on searching for other things. I knew in my head it was just the sleep, but I just felt no-one understood! That all changed though when I can across Duncan’s website. I read the section on sleep anxiety and it straight away struck a chord with me. I filled in the contact form and literally the next morning Duncan was on the phone to me. When I spoke with him it felt like he was reading my mind because without any prompt he knew exactly how I was feeling and what I was going through. I booked a session with him and it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder because I’d found someone who finally “gets it!” Before my first session I was a little nervous as from previous therapy I’d had it was all about raking up the past, but with Duncan it was a breath of fresh air because rather than focusing on the problem it was all about the solution!!! The way he teaches the strategy is so absorbing, and after the first session I was beginning to sleep better straight away. By the time the second session came around I was sleeping great and now have never looked back. If you’re looking at this website and thinking should I go and see Duncan, then do it!! You definitely won’t regret it - Aaron, Police Officer - Rushden

“Since meeting Duncan two months ago, I haven’t had a single panic attack, which feels great to say......”

For the last 8 years I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks! My anxiety would pick on everything and anything but mostly a fear of being sick. It would stop me from going out, socialising with friends and when I had no way out of a birthday event or something, I would often end up in a toilet cubical trying to tame an anxiety attack in secret. I had tried CBT and various other therapists & councillors, but found they didn’t work for me personally. From the moment I spoke to Duncan on the phone, I knew he was exactly the person to help me. His positive energy is infectious and from the get go, he banished any shame I had about my anxiety. After the first session and learning about the strategy he taught me, I almost felt eager for an anxiety attack to come just so I could practise and take back control of my thoughts. Since meeting Duncan two months ago, I haven’t had a single panic attack, which feels great to say. Naturally the thoughts try to come still, but they never progress to that debilitating level of anxiety. I can still carry on with what I’m doing and the thought just fades into nothing. I know in time those thoughts will become less and less, like they already have done. I can’t recommend Duncan highly enough. He has given me back a sense of freedom and confidence. Jess, Broker - Flitwick

``He gives you a fantastic method for not only dealing with, but identifying the Anxiety``

Upon realising I would like to speak to a professional about some anxiety issues I was having, I decided to use Google to find the person who I thought would suit me. Duncan was that person, I had no idea what to expect on my first session but he exceeded all my expectations. He gives you a fantastic method for not only dealing with but identifying the anxiety. Since being a client of his I have already seen a huge improvement, I now don't fear the anxiety because I don't give it the attention it deserves. I would and already have recommended him to people, especially if you're looking for a great, solid guy with more of a no nonsense approach to helping you. - Michael - IT Company Director, Wellingborough

“I was unable to focus or plan for one of the biggest and most important days of my life”

I contacted Duncan earlier this year, after anxiety, irrational thoughts and overthinking began to take hold of my life. I get married later this year, and was suffering from being unable to focus or plan for one of the biggest and most important days of my life! Duncan replied to my initial enquiry both quickly and professionally, and was very reassuring during our first phone call. My first one-on-one session with Duncan was very productive, as Duncan was very accommodating, honest and straight talking - I felt as though I was completely understood. I was given a clear strategy to use to disarm anxiety, and I now no longer suffer. Duncan has provided me the tools and additional support outside of sessions to enable me to move forward with my life, for which I am both very thankful and grateful for. Ben - Operations Co-Ordinater, Market Harborough

“I had 22 years of chronic sleep anxiety, experiencing two or three nights a week, with zero sleep”....

Duncan has been my angel! I had 22 years of chronic sleep anxiety, experiencing two or three nights a week, with zero sleep and a great night sleep for me was getting around 4 hours. I gradually got used to being like this and trying to function with a demanding job. I had been to see my GP and been prescribed tablets and had even read books, but nothing worked. Then the menopause hit and I was on a different level and functioning became really difficult to the point I thought I was going mad. Only then, did I decide enough was enough. I only needed to see Dunc twice, that was all! He has given a me completely new lease of life and I now have so much energy. I am eternally grateful to him for what he has done for me. He promised when we first spoke on the phone that he would sort me quickly and he has and I cant recommend him highly enough. If you feel at all like I did, contact him, you wont regret it. Sarah, Senior Manager - Northampton General Hospital

``I spent years being stuck in the vicious circle of stress – anxiety – obsession and more completely fake health issues than I can even remember``

I spent years being stuck in the vicious circle of stress – anxiety – obsession and more completely fake health issues than I can even remember I finally threw the towel in and decided to get some help. Whilst searching the evil internet once again, finally some good came from it. I stumbled upon Duncan's website and thought lets give it a try. The main reason why Duncan? Well.. I wanted someone who could relate to me and who had experienced this for themselves. All I can say is thank you. He helped me get rid of a lot of the demons, some of which I hadn't even realised as the route cause. Love your positive outlook and attitude. A Legend! - Chris, Bedfordshire

``Duncan gave me the tools I needed to take control of my life again and I knew in myself things were about to change``

After 7 1/2 years in the British Army and then being forced to leave, due to losing my leg below the knee in Afghanistan, I re-entered the world feeling normal. I thought I lived a relatively normal life, but I could slowly feel myself falling deeper into a black hole. I had pushed my friends and family away, I couldn't sleep and I was afraid to leave the house. I thought I was suffering with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and was slowly losing my mind.. After researching and finding Duncan via the internet, we finally made contact over the phone and after just one 30 minute conversation with him, I instantly felt the whole weight of the world lift off of my shoulders and later that night, I slept the best I had in months. This man was amazing and I knew he would help me. When the day came for our first face to face session, I was nervous, I turned up 20 mins early and nearly didn't get out of my car. I eventually took the plunge and made my way to his front door, pushed the bell and was then greeted by Duncan, who instantly made me feel at ease. . After a straight talking, intense, sixty minute session, Duncan gave me the tools I needed to take control of my life again and I knew in myself that things were about to change. When I got home, I was a different man, my fiancé saw an instant change in me straight away and couldn't believe the transformation! Two weeks later, I came back for a second session and that was all I needed with this man. He’s a miracle worker, as not only did Duncan change my life, he saved my life! I seriously owe this man, because without him, I really don’t know where I would be, without the tools to deal with life , I’d be alone. I’d happily recommend this man in a heart beat to anyone who needs help. It was a big step for me seeking help, but Duncan made it so so easy. I can’t thank you enough Duncan and you’ve made a friend in me for life. - Tony, Ex Soldier, British Army, Rugby, Warwickshire.

``His methods are delivered in such a way, that if you listen and put them into practice, you will not fail``

Before I first spoke to Duncan, anxiety had a grip on my life, which was affecting my business, my family and ultimately my happiness. I suffered from overthinking, in the shape of irrational thoughts and irrational money worries. It truly felt as if I was going through life with the handbrake on. After a couple of tough weeks, I decided to act and found Duncan online and was captivated by the outstanding testimonials that his past clients had given him. After our initial phone conversation I felt a hundred times better. After our first face to face session I felt like JT again! Duncan made me realise the truths of anxiety and how it tries to embed itself into your mind. We then went through a clear and simple strategy on how to defeat and generate control over the anxiety and when I left him after the first session, I instantly felt a switch in the way I felt towards the irrational thoughts. I noticed an immediate change and with Duncan's strategy, I started to disarm my anxiety! Since seeing him, my business has flourished, family life is amazing and life is fun again....which is 100% down to what I have learnt in my time through working with him! I would thoroughly recommend Duncan without a seconds hesitation. His methods are delivered in such a way, that if you listen and put them into practice, you will not fail! JT- Business Owner

``After the 1st session, not only had the Anxiety lifted, but I was given a specific train of thought to follow which gave me instant relief``

I went to see Duncan last year after suffering with an unexpected bout of anxiety, which came out of nowhere and started to interfere with my work and home life. Id never had it before and it started small but quickly grew legs, so I knew I had to do something about it. Duncan was very reassuring, very quickly put my mind at ease and after the 1st session, not only had the anxiety lifted, but I was given a specific train of thought to follow which gave me instant relief. I went back to see him a couple more times, communicated regularly with him for some further guidance and am proud to say I haven't needed to go back since. I have since referred other colleagues / friends to see him over other challenges and all have had the same results. I cant recommend him highly enough.- David, Consultant - Peterborough

``I am now able to apply the method he taught me and not let the anxiety affect me in the way it had.....``

I went to see Duncan in December after suffering from anxiety which made me feel unable to go back to work. I had been very tearful and had also become very worked up over a minor past event. After the initial phone call with Duncan I felt instantly better knowing he understood what I was going through and after visiting Duncan twice I am now able to apply the method he taught me and not let the anxiety affect me in the way it had. Duncan was straight to the point and gave me a practical way to understanding and dealing with anxiety. Leanne - Administration Assistant, Luton

``I was exhausted and desperate...all I wanted was to sleep again``

I had suffered from insomnia for about 3 months when I contacted Duncan. I tried everything: impeccable sleep hygiene, yoga, mindfulness/meditation, sleep apps, herbal teas and supplements, moon milk, oils, drops... you name it! My GP prescribed antidepressants?! A big no-no! I was exhausted and desperate, all I wanted was to be able to sleep again - luxury I had always taken for granted! When we first spoke on the phone, shortly after making my initial enquiry, Duncan concluded: “I can help you and it’s actually very simple to sort”. I was totally sceptical and even said to him: “you sound too good to be true, but let’s give it a try”. After one session, which I found both enjoyable and impactful, I had a much better night’s sleep straightaway! The technique seemed easy, the believing and meaning what I was applying was the harder part. Practice makes perfect and, indeed, after a few applications, my sleep worry went away. I can confidently state that my insomnia is history. Thank you Duncan and I hope you can help many many more people overcome their fears, worries and anxieties consequently improving their quality of life. - Zoe - Journalist - Bletchley MK

``I was searching for someone to help me when I was at my very lowest``

Like a lot of people who come across Duncan’s website, I was searching for someone to help me when I was at my very lowest. I genuinely feel blessed to have found him. After suffering family tragedy last year and then being furloughed and made redundant, I felt my anxiety spiralling out of control, it was all consuming and I knew I needed to do something about it. Duncan has been fabulous! He is straight talking, he is caring but not patronising and what he teaches you is so simple and so effective. Duncan helped me see through the fog and get back to being me. I now have a new job, I can deal with the anxious feelings if they come and it’s so refreshing to get rid of the chains that have weighed me down for so long. If you’re reading this and you think you will never come out the other side, call or message Duncan. I promise you won’t regret it. - Caroline, Construction - Desborough

``My only regret is that I should have contacted him sooner``

I reached out to Duncan, out of sheer frustration of trying and failing to beat my anxiety. I had been suffering for about 6 months due to a personal event. After reaching out to Duncan, we went over the events that led to our meeting. He was patient, kind and insightful. He laid out exactly how I was feeling in better words than I can describe. He provided a strategy that I could implement and make my own. In short, it worked. Over and over again. It worked. I have been anxiety free for a while know and dare I say it, I have almost forgotten what anxiety felt like. My only regret is that I should of contacted Duncan sooner Bhav - IT Director, Cambridge

“His help and expertise was invaluable and he quite simply, gave me back a life worth living!”

I am going to lose everything I love ! What if my children are taken from me? What if my friends really hate me ? What if I am not able to hold down a job? What if I lose my home ? if these or other catastrophic intrusive thoughts are familiar to you then like me, you need to see Duncan Spedding. Anxiety had made me a completely broken miserable person finding it difficult to function as normal. It was affecting my work and family life. Duncan educated me on what anxiety is and how it can distort your thinking to become the opposite of the truth. In one session, he taught me a strategy to dismiss these thoughts leaving me free to enjoy my life to the max! Within a day or two I was like my normal self only stronger and more confident than ever. Within a week, I had come to terms with a lot of emotional baggage and had a new home and new job to look forward to. Unlike other councillors and therapists, Duncan does not judge or seek to exhort lots of money from you, quite the opposite! Duncan openly talks about his own battles and how he defeated his anxiety. His help and expertise was invaluable and he quite simply, gave me back a life worth living ! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone suffering. Life is not a rehearsal you deserve to enjoy it ! - Wendy - Solicitor, Cambridge

“He has taught me how to not let my thoughts rule me and to show them that I’m the boss”

To say I was sceptical would've been an understatement, having suffered with severe insomnia for around ten years! But as soon as I made the first approach to Duncan and asked for his help with my sleep anxiety, I felt that, at long last, I had found someone who understood just what I had been going through, especially as he had experienced all the frustration, loneliness and helplessness that goes with not being able to sleep, himself! Everything that he suggested to me was so simple! But coming from Duncan, it all seemed to make real sense and I was able to take back control of my life once again. He has taught me how to not let my thoughts rule me and to show them that I'm the boss! Many of my anxieties were caused by ``overthinking`` and I'm now able to put things in perspective once again and I've regained confidence in my own abilities. After only two sessions with Duncan I have slept like a log, with only the odd ``blip`` caused by some simple worry that got out of hand before I gave it the ``Duncan strategy``! To anyone out there, who is suffering the same agony (and there's quite a few of us!), just get in touch with Duncan - you'll be so very glad you did!!! Jacqueline - Housewife, Northampton

“He has a really empathetic, true understanding of what I’ve been through and he has helped me regain control of my life”

Duncan has quite simply been a godsend over the last few months. For over four years I’ve suffered from weekly sleep anxiety that despite lots of therapy remained a crippling problem. His dogged determination and ongoing coaching has meant that I’ve just this last few weeks started sleeping properly and not relied on sleep medication. He has a really empathetic, true understanding of what I’ve been through and he has helped me regain control of my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Duncan for any sort of anxiety and I am already recommending him as he is a real advocate of good mental health and well being. Thank you Duncan for your ongoing support and re-assurance that has helped me with confidence, self-belief and positivity. Scott - County Council, Northampton

“I would silently suffer panic attacks, sometimes without my partner knowing”

I cannot recommend Duncan enough for helping me take control of my anxiety. I’ve known for years I’ve had what I believed was an issue with sleep and an issue with feeling anxious. I had a trigger years ago which every time I had to get up early to go somewhere important for work or pleasure I wouldn’t sleep and silently suffer panic attacks in bed. Sometimes without my partner knowing. Sleeping became the loneliest part of my day. Anxiety would creep in days before a work trip or a holiday. then it would get worse that day and of course no sleep would come at night. I then had a very bad episode while driving and I truly believed I might crash the car. It spurred me to google anxious about sleeping and Duncan came up top. I text out of desperation. I had tried everything. Hypnotherapy, acupuncture, sleep therapy and even sleeping tablets, noting worked! One hour with Duncan and he bluntly told me I did not have a sleeping problem. And from then on with a stepped programme I can safely say, anxiety no longer has a hold of me. Do not hesitate to message and book. This will work for you! I truly cannot thank him enough Juliet - Marketing Manager, Peterborough

“He has the ability to put you at ease, simply explaining how anxiety behaves, takes over if you allow it to and how you can get it back under control”

I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with overthinking, so took the step of contacting Duncan, something I wish I’d done sooner! From that first initial call he has the ability to put you at ease, simply explaining how anxiety behaves, takes over if you allow it to and how you can get it back under control. The sessions with Duncan were very insightful and reassuring, quickly going straight to the root of the issue and providing me with a clear strategy on how best to approach things in an easy, simple and effective way. As as result I no longer give these thoughts any airtime, instead focusing on more positive outcomes. Mr S Williams - Utilities Account Manager - Bedford.

“I now couldn’t be happier, I no longer feel any anxiety around it at all and I am sleeping fantastic”

I wish I had found Duncan a year ago... After struggling with insomnia for over a year on and off in prolonged bouts with countless sleepless nights and extreme anxiety, I felt like I wasn’t able to live the life I wanted. It consumed me, it’s all I thought about all day and all night, day in and day out. After the first session with Duncan I was definitely dubious, nothing had helped in the past. I had tried numerous hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and even did the NHS sleep school programme CBT. But after a few days of sticking to his strategy, I was already starting to sleep better. My sleeping only improved as time went on and the anxiety around it had vanished, I truly couldn’t believe it. I now couldn’t be happier, I no longer feel any anxiety around it at all and I am sleeping fantastic, thank you Duncan you really have given me my life back. James - Automotive Sales - Nuneaton

“Duncan has a unique and clever approach to treating and anxiety and panic attacks”...

Having suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for several months, I was recommended to Duncan by somebody I worked with, who claimed he had changed his life. Having already seen several specialists and not getting any better, I contacted Duncan in desperation and made an appointment. I saw him within a couple of days and couldn’t believe what one visit achieved. I came away with confidence that I was going to overcome my fear and anxiety and I was going to get better, something that I had not felt for a long time and after the second visit, I was a completely different person. Duncan has a unique and clever approach to treating anxiety and panic attacks and I would recommend anybody suffering with the same condition to contact Duncan for help. - Stuart, Commercial Builder - Rockingham

“After seeing him....the result was life changing”.....

Genuinely before meeting Duncan I did feel pretty much lost with everything. Didn’t know what to do, where to go, which way to turn, but Duncan helped me through all of that. I always felt like I was a burden and I shouldn’t ask for help because I felt no one would want to listen to my problems. Within the first meeting with Duncan, I knew I was on right path to getting things sorted for myself mentally. I knew I was on the right track and I knew I was speaking to right person. In my first session he gave me a 4 step plan to tackle these thoughts, and how to go about things. I won’t lie, it was tough! But Duncan’s constant messages to see how I was getting on with things was a real help. I had a few sessions with him, other people may only need one, but after seeing him, the end result is life changing. Don’t hesitate to go and see him, I cannot recommend him highly enough. - Jack, Insurance Broker - Moulton

“The weight off my shoulders is immense and I’m really starting to enjoy life again”

An incident when I was younger led to me having obsessive, irrational thoughts, in which I believed the incident would happen again at any time and any place. This led me to dealing with Anxiety and Irrational Thoughts alone for a number of years and becoming more and more withdrawn, so it could never happen again, before finally caving and getting help. However, the help I received didn’t seem to achieve much. After that didn’t work out, a family member pointed me in the direction of Duncan, I had a quick phone call with him and immediately felt better, his calm demeanour, knowledge and genuine openness about his own dealings with anxiety really help to put you at ease and make you truly believe he can help you. Once the first session arrived, I was extremely nervous, but as soon as Duncan greets you, he helps you to settle in and relax and before you know it the 60 or so minute session is underway. Duncan gives you methods to help you manage and deal with the anxiety, which works wonders, but better yet, it’s explained and broken down in such a way that you can visualise the anxiety, helping you to then picture it in such a way that will benefit you dealing with it. As well as these methods and explanations about anxiety as a whole, there is constant support at all times, just at the end of the phone, whether it’s texts or calls, which was amazing, for if you have a rough patch or your confidence wavers, Duncan is there to remind you of key aspects that will immediately lift you back up to where you were after the sessions. After dealing with it for so long and failing to get help a couple of times I was sceptical at first, but he proved me wrong. I can’t thank him enough, as the weight off my shoulders is immense and I’m really starting to enjoy life again! Thank you so much and would highly recommend to anyone!! - Henry - Mechanical Engineer, Milton Keynes

``I only needed one session with him to cure my fears.....``

I am a very confident person and would never have believed I would have issues with anxiety. However, I am required to pass a work related fitness test every year. Each year I struggle with the concept, this year was particularly difficult as I realised that, although I was physically able to complete the test, I was unable to dismiss the physical symptoms which brought on an actual panic attack. I have in the past dismissed others who had suffered in this way, but now I realise how they felt. In desperation I searched the internet for help and came across Duncan Spedding. From the moment I sent him a message my journey began. The reply was almost instant, quickly followed by a telephone call and then a 1 to 1 session. Duncan is a friendly caring man who instills confidence from the very beginning, he is dynamic and very supportive. I only needed one session with him to cure my fears and despite my reservations, I found myself applying the strategy he taught me and went on to pass the test. I now feel equipped to deal with any future episodes which may occur. I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone who needs the kind of support he offers. Michelle - Prison Officer, Northamptonshire.

“His expertise and experience, made me feel an immediate connection and trust in him and his work”

I found myself searching the internet late one night in desperate need of help with my self diagnosed anxiety. Luckily I stumbled across Duncans website, which within a few minutes after reading a some testimonials I had filled in his Contact Me page and was contacted by a phone message the very next day. This was followed by a brief phone call in which we agreed to have our first session. Duncans expertise and experience made me feel an immediate connection and trust in him and his work. For many years I have not engaged in conversation with anyone in close quarters. I was living in the shadows. After Duncan taught me his strategies to combat dark and meaningless thoughts my anxiety was relieved to a much more manageable level almost instantly. I confess to taking anti depressant pills for a few years prior. This was an attempt to stop my dark thoughts and mitigate my anxiety to depression cycle. (for me these pills did not work) I have had 4 sessions with Duncan and now feel I am almost back to my old self. Something I would have never thought possible after so many years. So if you feel alone in the dark, need a help in hand from someone. You are in the right place. Thank you Duncan! Dave - Construction - Northamptonshire

``I'm extremely grateful to have him there as a consistent support.``

I was trapped and felt like I was viewing things from a glass bubble, looking out on the world. I could see how it could be, I could see how others could live happily and fulfilled and that's what I wanted more than anything. But, I couldn't work out how to make it happen for myself and always doubted that this kind of life would never be possible for someone like me. Someone I knew recommended Duncan and although apprehensive at first, I turned to him for help. I completely opened up to him and told him how I had struggled over the last five years, how I wanted to change but didn't know how to do it or go about it. Duncan pointed me in the direction of finding my own happiness and was there every step of the way, face to face when I needed it, but also at the end of the phone and via text if I was struggling. The glass bubble then began to crack and although it wasn't easy at first with the occasional wobble I am now so much happier and loving life so much more. This is someone who really cares and goes the extra mile to help people achieve what they need and want and I'm extremely grateful to have him there as a consistent support. When I look back, I realise that I was always a strong person, but I just needed someone to make me understand while I was feeling the way I was and how to change those negative feelings into positive ones. Thank you so much!! - Gemma, Consultant - Southampton

``He knew the problem and the answers straight away and I was amazed at how simple it was to sort it``

I went through a prolonged period of time not sleeping well which caused me unnecessary stress and started to have an effect on my performance at work, causing me to put myself under pressure. I had done my research, after deciding to look for help and noticed through reading Duncan's website and then later talking to him on the phone, he had been through something very similar in his time as a Professional Footballer. I quickly learnt, that there was no problem and I just needed to find the right strategy to not let it bother me, which I did and now stick to. Quality sleep quickly followed and thanks to working with Duncan, soon after this ``blip`` I achieved a promotion at work!! He knew the problem and the answers straight away and I was amazed how simple it was to sort it. I cant tell you the relief I felt! - Andrew, Vice President - Bedford

``I feel as if I was supposed to meet him``

I randomly came across Duncan after googling ‘anxiety specialist Northampton’ and I feel as if I was supposed to meet him. I’d already been battling anxiety and intrusive thoughts, which were very irrational and scary, for around a year before I met Duncan, I’d tried various other specialists and none of them really resonated with me. In my personal opinion, it doesn’t matter how much of a specialist someone is or how much knowledge they have on anxiety, it is the personality traits, coupled with that knowledge that really sets professionals apart. Duncan is friendly, down to earth, relatable, trustworthy and so much more. He is always more than happy to provide reassurance in between sessions and I always felt comfortable reaching out to him. For someone to tell me that they knew EXACTLY how I was feeling and had been through all of the same things, took so much of the fear away. His strategies are simple and feel like a lot less work than what some other professionals suggest. You can tell how much passion he has for his job and how he genuinely cares about every single one of his clients and wants to help us all. Laura - County Council Councillor, Leicester

``He taught me how not to be afraid of, control and own my obsessive thoughts``

“I was very skeptical of getting therapy for my OCD, I always thought it’s just words, so how can it change how you view your obsessive thoughts. After getting so fed up with suffering with it for nearly a year, I seeked help and contacted Duncan. I had two sessions and felt a day and night difference after the first session straight away. He taught be how to not be afraid of my obsessive thoughts, to be able to control and own them. It really did me an incredible amount of good in my mental health and OCD hasn’t been an issue for me since!” Will - Warehousing Assistant, Silverstone

``I am now back to sleeping normally and cannot thank him enough for getting my life back to normal``

My sleeping patterns were completely out of sync as a result of illness and cessation of taking of sleeping pills for years. I found Duncan online and paid him a visit in Northampton. He listened and understood where I was at and talked it through with me. His advice to me was very simple but very powerful and I took it onboard and followed it all and very quickly started to get positive results. Withing a week of following his instructions my sleep patterns began to change and on the second week my sleep was well on the way to being normal again. I am now back to sleeping normally and cannot thank him enough for getting my life back to normal. I recommend anyone with sleep problems to get in touch - Owen - Carpenter, Bedfordshire

``He will be your lifeline and will help you to take your life back! ``

I contacted Duncan at a very difficult time in my life. I had just had baby number 3 and found myself in the midst of a crippling sleep anxiety issue that was in danger of taking over my life. I had never suffered from anything like this before so found it incredibly frightening. The more I tried to sleep the harder it became, I was unable to look after my children, unable to take part in my normal family life. I discovered Duncan's website and immediately contacted him. From that moment, and with his help, I began to take back control of my life. His knowledge and support was invaluable. I went from being petrified of not sleeping and using sleeping tablets, to needing no medication at all and sleeping soundly. How can I ever repay that debt?! If you are suffering from any form of anxiety- contact Duncan, he will be your lifeline and will help you to take your life back! Sophie, Teacher - Milton Keynes

``He truly is an expert in this field and has a brilliant, positive and engaging character``

I struggled with sleeping for almost two years, it wasn’t constant however horrible when it happened. It got to the point where I was fearing not being able to sleep and therefore not sleeping. I was browsing online and came across Duncan’s website, I wasn’t going to actually get help with it I was just looking for information, however when I read the website, the way that Duncan explained things resonates was with me so much I felt compelled to get in touch. When I did, Duncan told me everything I was feeling before I had even told him anything. He truly is an expert in this field and has a brilliant, positive and engaging character. I now feel so much better about sleep and what he taught me has changed things for me, not just with sleep but in general. - Jeremy - National Sales Manager, Kettering

``He assured me he could help and that proved to be the case``

Thanks to Duncan, I’m sleeping normally again. I’m so grateful for his help and support, 24/7! I’d had difficulty sleeping on occasions during my life and had simply put up with it. However, following a bout of unrelated illness, I fell into an extended bout of sleeplessness. It really got to me and I found myself feeling anxious during the day, worrying about not being able to sleep that night. I went to the doctor, who gave me sleeping tablets ‘for a short period until I got back to normal’. Although the sleeping tablets provided some temporary relief, they didn’t solve the underlying problem. I found Duncan online, his website explained how he might be able to help me, so I decided to find out more. He called me within 24 hours of making contact and we immediately struck up a rapport. I decided to take up a few sessions with him. It was a very good decision indeed because he immediately knew what my issue was. He assured me he could help, and that proved to be the case. Very clear advice, and importantly, reassurance. He truly believed he could help me get over my issue, and he did. I am very grateful to him and would strongly recommend anyone suffering with similar problems to get in touch with Duncan. You will be very pleased you have, I now know he can help you too! Kevin – Accountant, Bedfordshire.

``Duncan is very good at what he does and I would highly recommend him``

I have been suffering with anxiety for some years now on and off. I have had some sessions with other therapists before, which didn’t really sink in after months of going to see them - it went away and came back every so often and it took a long time for me to throw in the towel and do something about it. I found Duncan online and messaged not really sure what to expect. With in a few hours he texted me and arranged a phone call after just one phone call I felt so much more positive about dealing with my anxiety and was happy to go and see him. My mind was blown away by his exceptional strategy and positivity to help me. I could tell he really cared and wanted me to better my self by texting me through out the week. With only two sessions with Duncan I feel like I have my mojo back and can start enjoying life without my anxiety taking over me! Duncan is extremely good at what he does and I would highly recommend him! Em, Retail Sales Manager - Leicestershire

``He ultimately gave me my life back!``

After suffering with my own Anxieties for about a year, Duncan gave me the tools needed to change my whole mindset, and totally eliminated any fears or doubts I once had. I’m proud to say I am finally back to normal. It’s also nice to know that Duncan is always there at the end of a phone for some support or reassurance if needed. He ultimately gave me my life back! Liam - Retail Cluster Manager, Silverstone

“Duncan felt like a friend, not just a specialist, so I was able to relax from the start”

I went to see Duncan as I was struggling with health anxiety. So many things were good about this treatment. Duncan felt like a friend, not just a specialist, so I was able to relax from the start. I contacted him on a Friday morning and we spoke for about 30 minutes; with me explaining my issues. I had an appointment on Bank Holiday Monday then a follow up in 7 days time. All done in 10 days, but always at the end of a phone if I need to contact him. Duncan taught me how to deal with my anxiety and it really works. Life is so much better now and I can’t thank him enough. Victoria - Solicitor, Luton

“Thank you Duncan, for giving me my sleep back again”

Duncan has a very positive and direct approach in putting sleep and anxiety problems in their proper place in your head and gives a simple but very effective strategy to deal with the problems when they decide to move in. I now know that I don’t need to give these fears any space, which is very empowering and I am in control. Thank you Duncan for giving me my sleep back again’ Sarah - Dentist, Northampton

``He teaches you not to be afraid of anxiety & explains what it is & why it does it.``

Seven years ago I wasn't able to fall asleep for several nights due to a stressful period in my life. This triggered the thought that I could never sleep. I suffered severe nightly panic attacks & became petrified of going to sleep. I tried numerous therapies, self help books, even attended a sleep clinic! Very gradually things did improve, but the fear never left me. I was drinking to fall asleep & ended up in the spare room. What's wrong with me? I have a loving family, no job or money worries? So decided to tackle this bad habit once & for all, about 5 months ago. But this started making my anxiety worse than ever! I contacted Duncan & after the first call/visit I slept for 5 nights in a row - this felt amazing. I then went on holiday, had a blip, so I text Duncan, who knew exactly what the problem was & put me back on track enabling me to enjoy the rest of my holiday. He teaches you not to be afraid of anxiety & explains what it is & why it does it. You learn how to welcome and expect the uneccasary thoughts and learn that it’s all an illusion. The unbearable feelings sensations start to lessen their hold on you! I'm so grateful for Duncan’s genuine caring commitment in helping me feel better & deal with any relapses. My husband was shocked that I was back in our bedroom & glad to get his wife back! Jill, Store Manager - Northampton

“He is very down to earth and brilliant to work with”

After suffering from obsessional thinking and anxiety I searched google more out of desperation than hope. Fortunately for me I found Duncan and sent him a message. We had a phone conversation first and I realised within a few minutes he knew what he was talking about and could help me. We had a few sessions during which he showed me how anxiety worked and taught me a method for dealing with it that has helped me immensely. He is very down to earth and brilliant to work with and I can highly recommend him Rob, Manager - Milton Keynes

“He keeps a close eye on you, until your in tune with what he teaches you”

I was at a very dark point in my life, I was so worried about any social situation I entered into. I came across Duncan by chance and all I can say is, he is an extraordinary individual who gave me a fantastic strategy and new found ability for tackling severe anxiety. He makes you understand what's happening in the mind so you can unravel it and start to take ownership of it. I still get the odd anxious thought here and there, but now, I laugh at them and can move them on quickly, so that they don’t affect me at all. On top of all this, Duncan genuinely cares, makes you feel listened too and keeps a close eye on you, until your in tune with what he teaches you. I highly recommend Duncan and cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. Tom - Surveyor - Northampton

``Duncan gave me understanding and confidence to deal with the anxiety that was making me feel so down....``

Duncan gave me a thorough understanding and confidence to deal with the anxiety that was making me feel so down. I looked on the internet to find someone who could help me with my health anxiety and sleep anxiety and that is where I found Duncan. He phoned at first for some back ground information and immediately I felt he understood how I was feeling. As soon as we met, he was very calming and understanding and explained in depth about anxiety and how it works, he gave me all the tools I needed to get me back on track. I can’t thank him enough for his help! Scioban - Catering Manager, Dunstable

``I'm really grateful for the additional support he gave me outside of the 1-1's...``

I had an extremely strange experience at a job interview three months ago in which my mind went blank half way through the process, causing me to lose my train of thought, which was not only embarrassing but resulted in me not getting the position I so badly wanted. From this point on, I started to avoid (procrastinate) being in situations that involved me presenting myself to people and even avoided social events, with the worry a similar issue may occur. I needed to regain some confidence in myself so got in contact with Duncan in the hope that he could not only help me cope with this new found fear, but be able to face these situations without panicking and going to pieces. Duncan instilled that confidence back in me again over the course of a few sessions and I now present myself in the way I used to, with purpose and conviction, but without the worry of making a fool of myself. I'm really grateful for the additional support he gave me outside of the 1-1's and have used this new found confidence in other areas of my life. Very highly recommended!- David, Business Development Manager - North London

``I have now returned to work and am sleeping soundly every night``

I started suffering from a period of anxiety and depression earlier this year which led to an intense period of sleep anxiety. I felt desperate for some help and found Duncan's website online, deciding to contact him I felt incredibly relieved when he contacted me within 30 minutes. He made me feel incredibly supported from that first call and explained to me how 'sleep anxiety' works. I could tell from that first call he understood what I was going through, almost as if he was reading my mind! Duncan is very straight talking and extremely positive, his approach and support increased my confidence from the first session. My sleep improved straight away and I quickly learnt that the strategies he teaches you can be used in any area of your life. He shows you how to take back control when you don't think it is possible. He has helped me hugely and I am incredibly grateful to him. I'm so glad I decided to contact him and would have no hesitation at all in recommending him if you are suffering too. I can't thank Duncan enough, I have now returned to work, am sleeping soundly every night and my outlook has changed completely for the better! Thanks so much Duncan!! Michelle - Pub Landlady, Castlethorpe

``I'm now back in full time work and having fun...``

Lost my confidence after a difficult separation from my husband and struggled to overcome the fear of getting back into work and socialize with all the friends I'd lost because of my relationship. The confidence soon returned and I'm now back in full time work and having fun the way I always used to. Great coaching and clear direction from a great guy!!- Mary - Estate Agent - Olney

Anxiety Specialist Duncan Spedding