About Me

I absolutely love my life!!!… and work as a Professional Anxiety Specialist to assist people in feeling the same kind of euphoria!

So who is Duncan Spedding? Living in Northampton and happily married with two grown up daughters, I’ve spent the last twenty years of my life as both a Premiership and Professional Footballer, playing for both Southampton and Northampton FC and more recently working as the Head of Operations for the Leisure Division of Europe’s biggest sports retailer.

I created a successful pathway for myself, by applying the right amount of positive mental strength, attitude and determination in order for me to get to where I wanted to be in life.

But… it hasn’t always been that way and in order for me to get there, I’ve had to overcome some extremely challenging obstacles that life has thrown at me, which I feel incredibly passionate about sharing and now spend my time helping people overcome the same, allowing them to improve their lives, in whatever direction they choose to follow..

I have helped thousands of people overcome their worries and fears, which have brought about difficult situations and held them back from moving forward with their lives. However with my direction and your commitment, together we can kick anxiety into touch!

What else is there to know about me…

  • I’ve suffered from anxiety, irrational fear and thoughts which I overcame by applying a specific strategy. I subsequently came through it a stronger, more resilient person.
  • I used to suffer with a chronic fear of not sleeping, until I taught myself, that by facing up to the fear and not being bothered by its content, I could stop it coming and I did!
  • Even though Im in my 40’s, I don’t feel a day older than 30
  • Getting a dog was the single best thing I have ever done, especially as living with three girls, I’m very often bottom of the pecking order.
  • I had to choose between Tennis and Football as a profession! Choosing football was definitely the right choice.


    Duncan Spedding