Sleep Anxiety

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We all know the value of getting a good night’s sleep and that energised, refreshed feeling that comes about as a result of quality sleep, which sets us up for the day and enables us to face the challenges of everyday life.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, most of us have also experienced the feeling that comes about as a result of sleep deprivation and the fatigue, poor concentration and irritability that often surfaces when we don’t get the right amount of sleep we require.

One of my biggest areas of expertise, links to one of the most common issues associated with sleep interference or sleep deprivation, which is Sleep Anxiety or a “Fear“ of the consequences of not sleeping! This type of Anxiety or Fear is created when we worry about sleep or we fear not getting enough sleep, which ultimately then prevents us from relaxing and sleeping normally, as the Anxiety and Fear keeps us awake.
This then has a knock on effect to how we feel the next day, but worse still, it can then manifest into an unnecessary Anxiety issue, as the desire to sleep better the next night, creates the Anxiety all over again, causing a vicious cycle and therefore has a huge interference in our life!

This type of Anxiety is extremely distressing, as not only can it ruin what should be the most relaxing part of our lives when we are trying to rest, but it also becomes a constant worry throughout the day, as sufferers can often experience Anxiety all day long, by ruminating and dwelling on whether they will sleep better the following night and fearing the same thing will happen again, causing them to feel even more anxious, tired and distressed than they already do.

As a Sleep Anxiety Specialist, I have helped hundreds of people overcome their sleep problems, by firstly giving them an understanding of what the issue is they are suffering from, but most importantly, giving them the solutions on how to fix the problem, eliminating the interference, so that they are able to sleep normally again!

Sleep is just as important as good nutrition and exercise and positively contributes to our physical and mental wellbeing, so if you encounter any difficulties or issues surrounding sleep, I can help you fully overcome these and get this vital part of your life back on track!

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